True Stories of Real People

These broadcasts contain 12 to 15-minute (except where noted) personal testimonies in mp3 format. They may be listened to online or downloaded freely.

Downloaded copies of the personal testimonies below may be burned to CDs and freely shared with others at no charge. (If you will be using the files for radio broadcasting, please email us.)



601. Jake Sock

An American Indian's story       

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602. Bro. Abraham    (16 min. 9 sec.)

From a tiny minority in India

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603. Buddy Farris  (30 min. 26 sec.)

A VA State Trooper at Heaven's Door

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604. Colleen

God's special care for single moms.


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605. Craig Allan

A Young New Yorker takes on a mission

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606. Zola Allan

A hard heart melted by love

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607. Jane

Childhood wounds washed and healed

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608. John K.

From Jesus to jail

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609. Justin M.   (25 min. 33 sec.)

Zambian boy's spiritual journey

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610. Justin on Marriage   (8 min. 14 sec.)

Good counsel from an African youth

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611. Mary Tetreault

Two Love Stories

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612. Mike and Kelly

A marriage victory worth the battles

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613. Wayne Denny

How God is using a country boy from Canada

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614. Deme Tekel-Wold   (19 min. 44 sec.)

Ethiopian  Refugees  return  to  rebuild  their  people

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615.  One woman's story of victory over sexual abuse!   (25 min. 10 sec.)

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616. Dale Rozell

How  35 cents  restores  sight  to  dim  3rd world  eyes

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617. Bob Tetreault (21:07)

He needed  a brand new life     

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618. Elsie White    

In memory of a precious servant of God

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619. Rockeybell Adatura (31:54)

A young Muslim' s honest questions

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 620. Dave and Gina (15:35)

From marital misery  to heaven on earth

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